Thoughts on the DiSC Profile 6: Thoughts on ‘Di’

In some ways this is a textbook leader of leaders: both persuasive, relational and visionary (the ‘i’ pattern) but also hard-nosed and outcome-oriented (the ‘D’ pattern).

The Di deeply values BOTH enthusiasm AND compliance. Enthusiasm on its own feels aimless and compliance on its own feels heartless.

There is a strange polarity in relating to Di types - a sort of push-pull. They draw you close, and yet at the same time you feel that they don’t need you, that they are keeping you at a distance. This can be hard to get used to. It does means that highly relational people can struggle to feel really loyal to Di types.

To help a Di really work well, you need to teach them to know when to talk less, when to be satisfied without a pep rally and when to set more conservative goals and targets. Overall the need to slow down and be attentive to others.

I think Di’s are able to be collaborative with strong leaders, who are energised by vigorous disagreement, but find collaboration with more sensitive souls hard work.

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