Mirrors 19th July 2013

  1. This is shaping up to be an interesting series from Paul Grimmond on our understanding of work. This first article is on the cultural mandate. As I commented on the post itself, I worry that the argument of this article formulates its conclusions from merely doing a biblical theology study, rather than the systematic theology work. And then it goes on to use an argument from silence. I will read the two follow up posts with interest.

  2. These photos explore the modern world of confused gender roles by portraying men in their partner’s clothing. They are strangely moving and disturbing and cute and funny all at once. I had dinner the other night with some friends we’ve met through the kids’ (inner-city, left-leaning) school. Strangely the much of the conversation was about the reality of gender distinctions and the difficulties of clarifying what they are.

  3. A funky uni mission website.

  4. An intriguing post about how unpaid internships ruin journalism, by restricting it only to the privileged who can afford to give their time to such an internship.

  5. Mike Jolly gives some deep reflections on his reactions to the recent amazing light sculpture in the centre of Hobart.

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