The Man Behind the Blog: make a donation to my ministry on campus

Sorry the blog has been a bit quiet of late. The start of Semester 2 has meant a lot of preparing, sermon writing and meetings. Sadly Christian Reflections has not be as high up the list :-P

And that of course is the constant challenge. I value the ministry of Christian Reflections, and I value you, my readers. But I need to carve out extra time to dig into Christian Reflections in addition the the other ministries I am involved in.

I work as a missionary with AFES, leading the University Fellowship of Christians at UTAS in Hobart and overseeing the broader AFES Hobart staff team. All AFES staff are funded through the missionary support of organisations and individuals like yourselves.

So I ask you, if you have benefitted from Christian Reflections, to consider investing in it, by making a once-off donation towards my ministry support here.

This year so far, I’m a little short of the required fundraising target, actually, so your contribution would help close that gap.

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