Growth group regional overseers better of with 10 groups than 3!

I just wanted to share this little gem. In this audio, the Andrew Heard and another guy from EV church make an observation about the role of Growth Group regional overseers that really rang true to me as we’ve been slowly building some more structure at Uni Fellowship.

They observed that if you ask one person to oversee a group of 3 growth groups, it seems more manageable, but actually doesn’t work as well as if you ask them to oversee 5-10.

The reason is that with 3 groups, it doesn’t feel enough of a job - one of the groups will have a mature/self-starter leader who doesn’t need your help, another group will have a very young and needy leader - but their group meets the same night as yours, another group will be led by a mate of yours whom it feels weird to lead.

Whereas with 5-10 there’s enough of a task to really focus on it fully and really invest in it. In a funny way, the bigger job feels easier to grasp, understand and invest in.

As I listened I wanted to add that I think the GROUP LEADERS also take you more seriously if you are leading a group of 5-10: it’s a big enough crowd to implicitly give the regional overseer some authority and gravitas. It’s easy to ignore emails from a guy who leads your group and 2 others - what does he even do anyway? But it feels a bit more important to not muck around a guy who’s working hard to oversee a group of 10 people!

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