Mirrors 26th July 2013

  1. I like this quote from Dave McDonald’s review of Outreach and the Artist:
    He also helps churches to consider how their often rigid and judgmental attitudes serve to alienate many alternative types from their midst. The lifestyle of the artist is very different to the 9 to 5 office worker. Days or weeks can be spent just seeking inspiration, or reworking an idea. Productivity may seem non-existent. Thousands of hours can be ‘wasted’ or spent ‘indulging’ in practise, with little to show for it. Con challenges us to see things afresh. If we appreciate the craft of an elite artist, musician, or athlete, then we must also appreciate how many years of effort go into getting there. Most musicians work late nights and weekends. They recover by sleeping in. This doesn’t mean they are lazy. Churches are urged to think more empathetically about connecting with people who have very different lifestyles.

  2. One person’s experience of what was lacking about being raised by a same-sex couple.

  3. Old news now, but have you read about Exodus International shutting down and apologising for how it conducted some of it’s sexual orientation treatment? Insofar as they are backing away from extreme practicses, extreme rhetoric, and overpromising, this is a good thing, right?

  4. Tim Challies talks about the different kinds of experience of love he has for his different family members. A beautiful little post.

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