Even high level delegation requires oversight

The Problems with Just Releasing People
“I just give people jobs and let ‘em go and try it out”.

Sounds heroic and visionary. And sometimes it works brilliantly.

Of course it is a hit and miss method. Sometimes the job doesn’t get done. Sometimes the person suffers.

And I will show you a better way.

Even Oversee your most Capable People

Provide oversight even to those who are the Level 4 ‘Use your discretion to make decisions and report on goals’ people. In fact focus your energy on investing in your best people MOST!

Sure, they may be fine without you. And they may not. Why not eliminate the uncertainty?

And they might not need you. But they might benefit even more from your input. Why neglect your best people?

And you might be freed up to do other stuff. Or you might miss out on their energy and ideas. Or their ability to channel their work to work in alignment with your work. Why not take advantage of your combined efforts?

A Different Kind of Oversight

Rather than let people go and give them no oversight, change the kind of oversight you give them. Move away from hassling about deadlines and micromanaging details.

Instead invest in the relationship, remind them of the big vision, provide extra training and resources, ask tricky questions, help them plug in with what your whole ministry is about.

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