What kind of faith are you talking about?

'Faith' can have a few different meanings in the Bible, you gotta be careful which one you're talking about:
  1. Faithfulness: like in Romans 3:3.
  2. Trust: like in Romans 4:5.
  3. Body of beliefs: like in Jude 3.
There are some variations within these groups which may also be worth consideration:
  1. The gift of faith: mentioned in 1Corinthians 12:9 is not the general, passive faith that all Christians possess. Is it faith with a certain prophetic insight built into it? Or with a certain moral optimism built into it?
  2. "True piety, genuine devotion" (BDAG, "pistis", 2.d.a): I hadn't really clarified this one in my head before. But perhaps this is the best way of thinking about Acts 6:5 or 11:24 for example. Will have to sit on it a while.