Some baby steps to pioneer church planting, Part III

Start making connections with people in some of the following ways:

1. Cold contact
This could be of a more survey-type: I'm wanting to start a church in the area what do you think? Can you tell me a bit about yourself? About the area? Is there anyone else you could suggest I speak with? It could be more direct: I'd like to share the Christian faith with you, do you have some time?

Be prepared for: A lot of knock-backs, a lot of good conversations that go nowhere. 

2. Diaconal ministry
Find some practical way to serve the community. This could be through a new initiative, or through an existing organisation. It can be a simple as offering people food, a listening ear or whatever. It could be offering english conversation practice or more professional services.

Be prepared for: A lot of messed up people. Blurred lines whether people are Christians or not or what their motives are for coming.

3. Build relationships
The whole dwell amongst them, go to their "third places", speak their cliches, breath their BO.

Be prepared for: A long haul. 

4. Start a program
Scripture in the local school, an evangelistic Bible study, a church service. Just advertise every way you know how and hope that people come.

Be prepared for: A lot of advertising. A lot. I think a successful advertising campaign gets a return of 1:1000. So if you want a Bible study of 8 people, be prepared to print and hand out 8000 fliers.