Vision 100/MTS Leadership Conference - Community survey seminar

I chaired the Vision 100/MTS Leadership Conference last night. It was a big improvement on the year before and I was really pleased we had over 30 leaders, elders, women leaders, apprentices and young guys and girls who are keen to lead. People came from several ministries and denominations and from all around the state.

Some of the things:
  • DJ preached on Acts 18 and challenged us not to fear but continue in our ministries. It was a great preach.
  • Dan reviewed Christ and Culture Revisited as only a MTC graduate knows how, Belinda reviewed Women are spaghetti and men are waffles (using her platform to challenge all the male leadres to be sensitive to the differences between genders) and Bill reviewed Soul Cravings.
  • We spent a lot of time in prayer and reporting, hoping to give an honest appraisal of how our minsitries are going.
  • After dinner we split into smaller groups and helped each other troubleshoot problems in our ministries.
  • Graham Sayer and I ran electives to end the evening. Graham on 'the Front Line' - encouraging our churches to see their ministry in the workplace and mine on community surveys and cultural engagement.
You can download my seminar on 'Cultural Engagement ' here . It focuses some attention on how to do interviews with people in the community about their culture, and how to use this material in our ministries.