How many people does it take to run the church meeting?

At Crossroads, a meeting of 50 people, we have:

Preacher, band (3-4), MC, Bible reader/prayer, ushers (2), kitchen (2), food bringer, creche (2), OHP/sound = 15

At The Branch, Launceston, a meeting of 250 people, they had:

Preacher, MC, band (4-6), ushers (2), kitchen tidy (3), morning tea (2), hall setup/tidy (3), lockup, creche (4), childwatch, cleaner, sound = 26

What lessons can we learn from this? Many, I suppose. One lesson is: don't just be a pew sitter, for there is plenty for you to do, even on any given Sunday! Another lesson is: if you are going to plant a new church, either start with a group of 50-60 people or drastically reduce the format of your public gatherings, otherwise a few people will get worn out running everything and noone free to focus on people.