What are the practical goals of your public meeting?

We recently asked this pretty ruthless question of our public meetings. What is our practical, concrete, basic goal for newcomers who attend our public meeting? We have all sorts of far more important, spiritual goals. But what about on the really basic 'next action' level?

We have decided there are four goals we have for newcomers:
  1. Come back next week.
  2. Meet one of the pastors.
  3. Give us their email address.
  4. Sign up for a small group.
Each of these options will have heaps of variations depending on their circumstances, spiritual state and so on, of course.

I suspect that this well actually help us in many basic ways in planning how we run the meeting and in helping people like the usher roster people and the MC of the meeting know how to do their job well. One basic thing is that we have created an end of church power point slide that lists these things as options for people.