New ways of reaching out to the city of Hobart

We had the Vision 100 Prayer Day yesterday, which had a good turnout and a great vibe. Along the way, we heard of some cool new ideas in Hobart churches:
  • Cornerstone's Mount Stuart congregation ran an information and support night for TEAR last night. This was advertised in the area around the church's meeting hall, and some people from the community came along simply from a flier in the letterbox.
  • One of the growth groups at Christian Reformed Church of Kingston 's Summerleas Road Church did a bunch of doorknocking in their area last Saturday.
  • A group from CRCK's Blackman's Bay Church has just started an outreach to the skaters, since their meeting hall is right beside a skateboard bowl. They gave away sausages to them as a first step in building relationships with them.
All good ideas. I hope that there will more news from these groups as well as more similar ideas.