Phillip Jensen is a rare combination of expository preacher, pastor, visionary, strategist, evangelist, church planter, and entrepreneur. He is the sort of man who wakes up with 14 fresh ideas before breakfast every day; better yet, he soon discerns that 13 of the 14 deserve to be thrown out in the trash, but sees how to bring about the 14th. He is enough of an iconoclast to get your attention, but is so committed to being faithful to the Bible that the independence of his judgment is safe-guarded by a passionate biblicism. In Australia and the United Kingdom, he is, in Christian circles, almost a household name. The record of God's hand upon him in fruitful ministry deserves to be better-known. One may disagree with him here and there, but I must add this: I would rather engage in a university mission with Phillip Jensenthan with any other person on God's green earth, for he simultaneously maintains clarity on the gospel, penetrating reading of the culture, holy boldness, and genuine care for lost men and women.

(D A Carson, Research Professor of NT, Trinity Evangelical Divinity School, Illinois)