University Fellowship of Christians' Citywide gathering

I'm planning to run a monthly evening meeting as the backbone to the University Fellowship of Christians next year. I've been umming and aahing about a name for it for a while - I really didn't want to just call it something vomitous like 'Evening Meeting' or 'Bible Talks'.

I've settled on 'Citywide Gathering'. I know, I know, it's a little bit charo, a little bit 'love the city, learn from the city', but the main reasons I like it:

  • Emphasises that we are a uni mission for all the UTAS Hobart campuses (Clinical School, Art School, Conservatorium of Music), not just the large one in Sandy Bay.
  • Highlights the significant role that UTAS has in Hobart's cultural life. We have one large university for the whole city, in fact for the whole state. This gives UTAS a peculiar centrality.
This post is also an excuse to link to our new website again. One of the best websites in the universe, I reckon.