Choosing student leaders

Commitment and faithfulness aren't high on people's priority list today. Some students go to 4 different campus ministries, 3 different churches and 2 different Bible studies a week. We can't have leaders like this. We are looking for leaders that believe in the mission of this community. We are looking for leaders that are committed to this group of people. We look for leaders that have a passion for the campus they are on. This characteristic is non-negotiable. We can't beg someone to be committed to this community. They either are or are not. If they are then they should be considered for leadership. If not, then we still love them, serve them and include them in our community but they are not ready for leadership.

I've borrowed some ideas from Darryn Altclass and Al Hirsch's Forgotten Ways Handbook and written not only core values, but core practices for our student leadership team. This spells out the kind of commitment I am hoping for from our student leaders. They seemed pretty positive about the move.