How will the resurrection take place?

This is awesome. It's exactly the sort of conversation I expect rabbis to be having:

The question of how YHWH will accomplish resurrection is the subject of a fascinating debate between the Pharisaic/rabbinic schools of Hillel and Shammai, reported in Genesis Rabbah 14.5 and LEviticus Rabbah 14.9. The two schools are debating whether YHWH will make the new body by starting with skin and flesh and firming them up until finally sinews and bones are formed (the opinion of the Hillelites), or whether YHWH will start with the bones (the opinion of the Shammaites) and work outwards from there. The Shammaites, of course, claim Ezekiel 37 on their side, interpereting that passage as the LXX had perhaps already done. The Hillelites, more tenuously perhaps, claim Job 10.10, reading the passage firmly in the future tense.
N. T. Wright, The Resurrection of the Son of God, p. 197-198