I don't like prayer meeting revivalism

Revivalism in all its forms is kind of yucky. It despises the normal, power-in-weakness way that the Lord works and always hang out for the big waves of conversion. It is always slave to a particular recipe that will somehow guarantee revival.

Today revivalism appears in those who hunger for 'movements' and want to find how to magic these into existence. But it's still just revivalism.

It tends to confuse consequence with cause as well. Often 'revival' behaviour is the result of God working in people's hearts. But revivalists (or movement mongerers) somehow thinking that if we can get these behaviours happening they will cause a revival/movement.

One thing that I don't like about old-school revivalism is the prayer-meeting thing. Somehow mid week, whole church prayer meetings are more powerful:

  • than praying in the Sunday service
  • than praying in private or in the family home
  • than praying in small groups
But I don't know exactly why.