Get involved in ministry outside your local

I do this by natural temperament or something, but for many pastors it is something that needs to be spelled out:

The last tactical principle is to get involved in a ministry outside your own church. Amen, Zac! The bloke who trained me gave me this rule of thumb—namely, that you should serve on one broader ministry or committee for your own denomination (e.g. a denominational school board or regional committee) and one that's inter-denominational (e.g. a Scripture Union Family Mission or a Katoomba Convention Committee). Some can do more than this; few should do less.

Ministers who, by their frontline enthusiasm, won't do any denominational work are spending all the denominational dividends without reinvesting any capital. Furthermore, they leave the resources built up by evangelicals available for take over by liberals. (From Sola Panel)

Even in the early days, it can be so easy to focus on 'just getting the sermon perfect' and fulfilling ridiculously amibitous post Bible College plans to study Greek and Hebrew for half an hour every morning and so focused on your local church where you are in control, that you don't consider giving to the wider Christian community.