Tuesday Crossroads Soup Giveaway

We decided to do a soup giveaway in a central square in Hobart. Our mission was to be 'nice' to Hobart. We chose 3-5pm to grab the after-school crowd cause I have a theory that rebellious highschoolers will find a good 'uni' church more helpful than a church youth group.

We got everything designed nicely and printed and laminated. We even got lanyaryds.

Josh reports on the event, with photos and everything.

We gave away around 70 litres of soup and 200 rolls. We served spicy tomato and lentil, creamy potato and leek and curried zucchini and pumpkin. Along the way we had lots of chats and people were very happy to grab a flier to find out who we were. People were very appreciative of us taking the effort.

The team were hardworking, cheerful and uncomplaining. They really enjoyed the event and were encouraged. I think it has really helped reinforce that our church is more than just our Tuesday night meeting.