Tassie's new godly man crush

We have the best preachers in the world, right here in Australia. Why does anyone need to download American preachers?

David Jones exclaimed at last weekend's Ministry Challenge Conference. David was just one of many Tasmanians who discovered Greg Lee.

Here are some Greg gems:
  • Core groups for new church plants should be 80-100 people, rather than 20-40.
  • Spiritual gifts are not about what you are good at or what you enjoy (who would choose the gifts of 'involuntary suffering'!), but rather 'What does the church need?
  • Romans 12:1 is about giving your life for the ministry of the kingdom, but in the first place, it is about offering your life to God in godliness.
  • Rather than only delegating what you can't do yourself, rather only do what you can't delegate.
  • Church planters, need to be evangelistic, risk takers, those who love people, restless, confident, take responsibility. But many successful Australian church planters lack one or two of these.
  • The different between staff and volunteers is that staff have time, gifts and training, whereas volunteers may only have one or two of these.
The sermons should be online at vision100.org soon. I'll let you know.