Response to the 18 Theses?

It does seem, from a distance, that this years' St Andrews' Cathedral training conference offered many correctives to Driscoll's visit in 2008. For example:

Phillip Jensen interviews John Woodhouse from Moore College on Vimeo.

Michael Kellahan offers a sober assessment of both last year and this years' material, avoiding anything falsely adversarial like the title of this blog post.

The big reason I welcome the input Michael reports from this year is pastoral. I grieve for the many young idealists who will storm out to plant churches, thinking that somehow because they have a Driscoll podcast that they'll plant a big church - and the self doubt and shattered dreams they may well face. I have great sympathy for the Aussies coming back from Acts 29 internships to face the great difficulties of planting churches in Australian soil, after the more fruitful American context.

It's good for us, pastorally, to be reminded of the way the mustard seed grows.