Block Cinema 5: Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

We screened this last night and it was the best yet.

Our free, community cinema has taken a lot longer than I thought to get some momentum going. We started off with 12 people and last night we had over 25 people there. Among those were four people from the South Hobart community, one guy we contacted through the soup give away and a bunch of other people's mate.

The film itself is a masterpiece, so beautiful and weird and sad.

Some key turning points for Block Cinema have been:

  • Some of the Tuesday Crossroads crew putting in extra effort to make the SoHo Community Centre really atmospheric and preparing nice nibblies (for Akira we even had sushi, tempura prawns and pocky).
  • The woman who coordinates the SoHo newsletter (sent to every home) found out about us and asked if she could advertise us in the newsletter. She said that members of the community had talked about wanting a community cinema in the past.
  • The Tuesday Crossroads gradually figuring out the role of hospitality in the mission of the church.
  • Inclusion in the What's On calendar the youth section (Attitude) of the Hobart newspaper.