Jesus All About Life by Murray Smith part 1

Steve is the leader of RICE and the founding pastor of Kirkplace Presbyterian. The pastor for training at Kirkplace, Murray Smith, has recently written an evangelistic book for young people as a part of the Jesus All About Life campaign in Sydney.

So Steve asked me if I'd review the book. It's hard to say no to Steve. He probably uses hypnosis.

Here's some initial thoughts:

  1. The book design is great. I like the paper size, cover design and matte pages. I don't like the grungy, faded design bits so much, that feels a bit too trendy, but man, it's pretty nice.
  2. The writing style is very personable and engaging and clear, without being over-the-top 'relevant youth pastor' writing.
  3. The angle in, speaking about the good things God gives us, is well chosen and appealing.
  4. Man it feels long! I know there's only a little bit of text on each page, but it feels long. Would anyone actually read all this? On the other hand, it does cover heaps of ground, including heaps of apologetics stuff.