Friendship Evangelism is a betrayal of trust?

"Mrs Smith: What a blessing. We had him at our church too. He advocates non-confronttional evangelism.

Christian: Yes. I like that. It's what I've been using with Erik. We've become good buddies over the years.

Mrs Smith: I like that approach too. It's so much better than shoving the gospel down people's throats.

Christian: True. That can alienate them. I'm waiting for the right time to bring up the subject of God with Erik. It's been two years now. I don't want to make him feel uncomfortable. Erik came to one of the meetings, and he really seemed to enjoy it. That's the good thing about non-confrontational evangelism. Maybe today he will bring up the subject. I never do, because I don't want to offend him. I'm just a good friend, and I think that's the right approach....

Friendship evangelism that doesn't seek a way to quickly tell people about their eternal fate is the ultimate betrayal of trust. How can we call ourselves a friend of someone we don't bother to warn of terrible danger? Friends don't let friends got to hell."
(The Way of the Master training booklet, p. 14-15)