Resolutions inspired by MIAW

  1. Review my system six monthly. Give myself permission to buy new stuff and change the way I do things.
  2. Use Someday/Maybe lists better. Scan them during weekly review. Remove dead items. Consider spending money on Someday/Maybe things occasionally.
  3. Use Project Trigger list and write new ones: reminders of all the different types of issues that need to be explored in creating a new project.
  4. Make a project 'review daily' if progress needs to be made on it quickly.
  5. Add a 'Key things I'm expecting from others' list to my 'Waiting For' list. (MIAW, p. 141)
  6. Add a @Braindead context to my system. (MIAW, p. 147) - not sure if I'll actually do this one or not.
  7. Add Things to to in... Sydney/, Melbourne/, Launceston/ and so on to my Reference material.
  8. Review 20Kft monthly, 30Kft quarterly, 40Kft and 50Kft annually.