Mark Driscoll gets to meet real life Tasmanians

Guest post: Nikki Lynch

A rather strange thing happened the other night.....I came home late from bible study and Mike had a weird look on his face.  I thought that there'd been some sort of pastoral disaster, he'd broken his beloved macbook or something what but he just said "we're going to Seattle".

Scott Thomas and Mark Driscoll (of the Acts 29 network) have invited Mike, the kids and I to go over to Seattle to a world church planting summit in March.  Trippy!!  There's I think four other families going from Australia and from what I can gather its going to be smallish (ie not 20,000 people, we're guessing under 50).

What an amazing opportunity hey?!  Mike and I have benefited so much through "Pastor" Mark's teaching, he's helped us think through heaps of stuff to do with ministry, marriage, church planting strategy and teaching the bible that we haven't been able to find elsewhere, especially from more traditional teachers.  We'll actually get to meet these guys, which'll be totally awesome.

The other reason we're so excited about it is just that we're very much little country town bumpkins trying to plant churches and spread the word.  We're pretty happy doing this as we love Tassie to bits and believe this is where God wants us.  But its been pointed out to us by alot of people that its great to go other places, to other churches with other approaches and styles  so that our minds can get a bit broader, see what God is doing elsewhere, network with other people that share our vision and learn from our brothers and sisters with different accents and different hairdo's.  So far we've been blessed enough to do this in Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide (and London and Paris ages ago), I think it'll be a huge blessing to us in our ministry and lives.

So, our house is crazyness at the moment.  Mike is trying to raise the money to get us there, I'm trying to halve or household budget (i finish up at my job next week) and we're trying to explain to Xavi (3yrs) that America exists all at the same time as starting the years work.

Your prayers would be much appreciated!

Love from your special guest host...


If you happen to want to help us out with paying for the airfares, email mike: