Mission oriented schedule IV - Project list

I've nibbled at this one over the last two days, putting a couple of projects in place. I'm currently planning this project and all its sub-projects. I've clarified my mission, my vision and my values. I've dumped everything I an think of on paper. Here's my projects list at the moment:

  • Cold contact routine
  • Regular designing and printing of fliers and posters
  • Invitation letter
  • Cold contact partners
  • Contacts file
  • Google maps (incl. campuses and residential colleges)
  • Marketplace chat brainstorm
  • Contacts email list
  • Regular businesses and common rooms and noticeboards for posters
  • Acess to residential colleges
  • Monthly supervision meeting
  • Checklist 
It's amazing how much needs to get done in order to get on with getting things done!