Mission-oriented schedule Part III

Please note: these comments are relevant for my work schedule this year. It's not appropriate for every pastor in every situation at every time in their ministry's life.

Here's something else I want to work on better this year: a contacts file. I would like to figure out a good way of keeping track of and praying for the people I know and the people I meet. This is still wet cement, but here are some initial thoughts:

  • Dilligent prayer for all friends, acquaintances and contacts.
  • Get better with birthdays and other special occasions for all contacts, rather than just close friends.
  • Set up periodic email list for non-Christian contacts who want to hear a little about what our church is up to. Perhaps six monthly.
  • Ensure that I extend invitations to church on a regular - but not naggingly, annoyingly regular-  basis.  Again perhaps six monthly.
  • Prayerfully think about how to be a better acquaintance evangelist. I shouldn't wait until I'm good friends with someone before inviting them to church.