David Allen has become a little J K Rowling

He got famous and so his editors got less ruthless. MIAW doesn't need to be as long as it is. Chapters 1-4 are basically an extended introduction, saying again and again "When you read MIAW you will discover..." or "That's what MIAW is going to be all about..."

Two things:

  • The title Making it all work actually contains a double entendre. One the one hand it's a book about how to making everything operate well. But the way to do that, according to GTD is by making everything in your life 'work' - treating it with the same seriousness and organisation that you treat your work. Hence the subtitle: "Winning at the game of work and the business of life".
  • The silliest quote so far:
You can't really manage time; time just is. What you can manage is yourself - your focus and your actions.... When you are fully and optimally self-managed, time actually disappears. You're just engaged.