White magic?

It is legitmate for people to use all sorts of power - natural, psychological, divine (when granted). It is legitimate to use all kinds of information sources.

But why can't we use dead people and magical forces? They are created things, just like solar power and birds and people. What is illegitimate?

It's not just that the magic or spirits are evil, for we are able to learn things from evil people.

The problem, I suggest is twofold:

  1. For evil spirits, the information and power is only accessible when a form of worship is offered. Many forms of witchcraft are not mere recipes but worship.
  2. There are boundaries to human behaviour. Certain powers and sources of information are simply not for us to use. Crossing the boundary of death and the realm of spirits is simply not to be attempted.
These are my thoughts. But I'd love to tighten them up and pass them through the grid of Scripture.