Sermon Illustrations Part 5: How to store illustrations

  1. Store them separately from the sermon in which you first used them. You want to be able to find the illustration easily, without having to remember which sermon you used it in!

  2. File in as simple an A-Z filing system as possible. That limits the number of levels in which something can be hidden. Harder to find things once they are three-layers deep in a file-folder structure.

  3. Don’t bother saving them. Just let Google store them for you. For many illustrations it’s probably easier to find the quote again by googling, than by searching your own file system!

  4. Own the fact that like with all filing, you may only use 5% of your illustrations again. You are storing everything because you don’t know which 5% you’ll use again! Regular reviewing and purging will help keep it under control.

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