Sermon Illustrations Part 4: Where to find illustrations

  1. Everyday experience. Creative writing workshops always urgent writers to carry a pen and paper with them everywhere, to help them be alert to potential material wherever they go, and be ready to capture it.

  2. Drawing out the content in the passage you are preaching on.

  3. Other parts of the Bible.

  4. Faux-etymologies: ‘dunmis’ is the word from which we get ‘dynamite’ from. This is poor exegesis but makes for colourful illustration. As long as you are clear that you are not doing exegesis.

  5. From current events.

  6. From literature, songs, movies or pop culture.

  7. Nature and science.

  8. History.

  9. Popular level Christian books - often they are really just sermons turned into book form, so they have good illustrations.

  10. Dictionaries of quotations.

  11. Sermon illustrations websites.

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