Mirrors 29th November 2013

  1. We can demonise the past or sentimentalise the past. These photos help us see the past as the same as the present: ordinary people.

  2. Rhys Muldoon is one of my favourite kids entertainers (I could never bear the Wiggles: ugh!). In this article from the Age, he talks about his negative experience of going to Hillsong.

  3. Nikki and I are big fans of Alain de Boton. But his ‘religion for atheists’ thing is fascinatingly pathetic. It’s kind of like ‘romance for singles’. Anyway, in this post, Dan Anderson critiques the de Boton.

  4. Simone Richardson has been posting some really insightful stuff about pastors, assistant pastors, conflict and personality types:

  5. Lists of ‘how technology has ruined life’ are generally tiresome: they blame technology for human disorganisation or sin and they sentimentalise technology and culture of a previous era (see point 1 in this edition of Mirrors!). But there’s some nice ideas in this list, to plan some time for in the New Year.

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