Mirrors 15th November 2013

  1. My church has been doing a kind of pre-evangelism/diaconal ministry, running ‘open forums’ on issues where people in our community need help, support and advice. We have done ‘marriage’ and ‘parenting’ and just recently I participated in a panel on ‘building better staff’ at a small business event. You can listen to the audio here. These events have been run exceptionally well and the content has been great too. They are a great way to give friends/acquaintances/colleagues a first-contact with the church.

  2. Steve Kruyger puts into words what I’ve been thinking for a long time: 5 reasons not to provide a feedback form at an event.

  3. Kevin de Young challenges preachers to ask of their next sermon: “Can I make my best point–the one I’m most excited about, the one I can’t wait to deliver–without noting anything from this week’s passage?”

  4. Dave Moore advises us to answer questions with statements (that is, actually answer the question) and statements with questions (that is, try to figure out why someone wanted to make the comment they made).

  5. I know we talk a lot about ‘mummy guilt’ but I can definitely relate to Challies post about ‘daddy guilt’. I often get ‘Cat’s in the Cradle’ (the superior Ugly Kid Joe version) playing in my head, when I really don’t have the power to go out and play soccer at 6:30pm at night:
    I don’t think I failed the family. The simple fact is that I need rest. With the march of age and the weight of responsibility, Aileen and I need it more than the children do. I believe I served them better by taking a few days to not rush around, to not expend a lot of effort and energy, but instead to enjoy deep rest. I believe I can serve my family better now that I have experienced this rest.

  6. Sam Rainer reminds us that if a church is health and growing then it will be messy!

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