Why Tony Payne restrains himself re: Global Warming

[The voice in my head] says that he wants me to stay silent because whatever action Christians should take on global warming, they should take it as citizens, making their own judgements about the truth, practicality and utility of the various claims, views and courses of action being put forward. He reckons that while God commands us to be good and loving citizens, and to act with justice, compassion, honesty, kindness, integrity, prudence and grace, he doesn't reveal in the Scriptures what particular course of action these virtues will motivate in any given instance. He doesn't tell us which party to vote for or which economic policy to support. He doesn't reveal whether smaller government or bigger government is the better way to achieve the goods of prosperity and justice. There isn't a biblical teaching on de-regulation or public transport policy. Christian citizens will make different judgements on these matters, usually depending on whether they have a left-leaning or right-leaning cast of mind.
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