Other things I appreciate but am happy to enjoy the bad version of

The following are things I can deal with the following without complaining (unless the complaining is fun). And I can appreciate the better quality version and was probably appreciate the better quality version before you were. And I can even enjoy them. And I know Christians and churches who happily enjoy them:

  • Top 40 music,
  • Cask wine,
  • Hollywood blockbusters,
  • Dialup internet,
  • Pulp fiction,
  • TV crime shows,
  • Victoria Bitter,
  • Cricket,
  • Instant coffee,
  • Anglican prayer book services,
  • Dominos pizza,
  • Bain marie Asian food.
  • (others?)
And I think you should learn to too.

It enables you to be content wherever you are. It enables you to find joy in more things. It enables you to accept and enjoy the hospitality of anyone. It enables you to think a little less about yourself.