Citywide Gathering

We're starting up an evening meeting for Uni Fellowship of Christians this year, for a couple of reasons:

  • The common lunch hour has basically vanished.
  • Heaps of students work part time and so aren't hanging round.
  • Heaps of students don't strongly identify with the campus as their space - campus life is less lively.
  • Student social life is nightlife. It would be a shame to be a daytime organisation.
  • There is more freedom in the evening to have music, hang out afterwards and so on.
  • Since UTAS is the only uni in Hobart, and a very large uni in a fairly small city, an evening meeting reminds us we are, in a sense, ministering to the wider population.
  • An evening meeting can swallow up the other UTAS campuses - Conservatorium, Med School. Art School.
It's weekly for the first three weeks of semester to provide lots of ops for new students to connect. It's monthly thereafter, so as not to overbuden students with commitments or compete with the local church.