Ways I seek to honour those before me

  1. I spend a lot of time with older pastors here in Hobart. I ask them advice. I seek to help them in their ministry. I submit to them often, even if I don't like their point of view.
  2. I speak warmly, positively and supportively of them, rather than taking time to dwell on their faults.
  3. I don't like young reactionaries who go into great detail about the flaws of existing institutions and leaders. There is time for healthy, positive discussion. But I switch off if all someone wants to do is talk about the problem with foo.
  4. The older generation are the good guys and should be treated as such.
  5. The older generation fought the battles and paved the way for the things we now enjoy. We stand on their shoulders.
  6. We should be willing to lost battles and face annoyances for the sake of pleasing and honouring the holder generations.
  7. I stay a formal part of the MTS movement, against some pressure to leave and although MTS National in some ways doesn't give a great deal to the Tassie scene. I stay a formal part because I want to honour it.
  8. I will always subscribe to Sola Panel, even if it's not always my cup of tea. I seek to involved in the SP community to love and learn from the SP crew.
  9. I will listen very carefully to the criticisms of the older generation.
  10. I'm an active and law-abiding member of Presbytery. Not because I have any delusions or ambitions or 'turning around' the Presbytery. But because if I'm going to be a part of a denomination, I want to do so honourably. It is good for me to be in a situation where I have to make compromises with Christians with whom I have so little in common.
  11. I defer to the older generation, even if it's annoying, inconvenient. There is something wrong with only 'using' the advice and kudos of the older generation. They should inconvenience you at times.
  12. I'm doing uni ministry at the advice of an older mentor. I didn't really want to do it. The older strongly suggested I think about it. So I did. He was right.
Sorry if all of these things don't come across in the blog all the time. I'm commenting and interacting with bits and pieces and so my general MO may not be apparent. I was ordained as a church elder at 21. I've been a full-time, paid pastor since I was 23. I've already had my fair share of stupid, gung-ho mistakes - you have no idea! I realise how much I owe those who are older. I realise how I can't do any better. I'll just make different mistakes.

Do other people have hints and tips on how to be godly in their relationship to the older genereation?