Nikki catered for TBT for over a year

Cooking for 10-30 people every week while having two kids ain't easy.

Her daahls, broccoli and almond soups, spag bols, pumpkin soups, curries and other precious things were the main source of vegetables in the weekly diet of many a student.

When Stine suggested that we eat together every week, I knew she was right. But I inwardly groaned at the thought of having to organise bitsy things, set up a roster for a ministry that was really still only an idea.

"I'll do it," Nikki said. And she did. And it was very good.
Now TBT is organising some basic duties and "cooking detail" is one of them. Katie is now in charge of cooking detail.

So thanks for your hard work Nikki. You are a Tryphosa of the 21st century.