Fi sent some great advice on relating to Jewish Christians

From Judaism Is Not Jewish: A Friendly Critique of the Messianic Movement by Baruch Maoz.

She summarises:

He says that Gentile Christians can make Jewish Christians welcome by avoiding:
  • assuming that Jewish Xns no longer have a Jewish identity;
  • saying Jewish Xns "come from a Jewish background" (he likens this to saying a French Xn comes "from a French background");
  • treating them like novelties;
  • assuming they've got special knowledge or insight;
  • anti-semitism;
  • speaking about "the Jews" when referring to ungodly biblical behaviour, and "God's people", "the apostles" etc when referring to godly biblical behaviour;
  • insensitive use of "Palestine" (he actually thinks the term shouldn't be used)
He says: "Don't ignore us, but don't make too much of us either. Just let us be what God has made us to be, and let us make our own contribution to the manifold aspects of the beauty of the one body of Christ".
Of course some of this is true about relating to all sorts of Others, isn't it?