Conference speaker etiquette

Watching Gospel Coalition live and wondering whether Dirty Don and Pastor Mark and Tim Keller (no nickname for him yet - any suggestions?) are sitting in the audicence right now.

Have you ever found it weird when a key speaker at a conference doesn't sit in on the rest of the conference? Is it ok? Is it a little weird? To deliver your own messages but not sit under the other messages? To speak to a conference but not participate in the conference?

It's also kinda strange when, for example you speak at a youth camp. You get the private room and the special treatment. All you are doing is a couple of sermons in the evening. The other leaders have to be on their feet all day long stopping the other young adults from killing each other, having sex with each other and setting things on fire. They deserve more special treatment in a way. It's strange, huh?

I've never done a training course on this one. What do you all reckon? How do we think in a godly way about conference speaking etiquette? What are the unwritten rules for what is expected of a conference speaker? What are the unwritten rules for what should be provided for a conference speaker?