Primary way to energise your pastor

This changes, depending on the personality, gifts and experience of your pastor.

When I was serving as leading pastor, I was energised by lots of ideas, suggestions, feedback, engagement. This gave me freshness and enthusiasm, and it showed me that others in the church were brimming full of ideas about our ministry. I didn't like it was it had a slight tone of complaint or 'here's an idea, now I expect you to go and do it all, Mikey'. But this was generally not the case.

I suspect Dan is a different animal. I don't think a napalm bombing of new ideas energises him so much. It just sticks to him and burns. Instead, I think he is energised by social engagement and by having his current plans and projects reflected back to him positively. Buy him something sugary and tell him what you like about the current ministry and you will find him refreshed and enthused with new ideas to move the ministry forward.

How are you energised? How is your senior pastor energised?