Help me write a letter to an anonymous angsty 17 year old

So I want to do a mailout to several thousand homes and a hand out to several hundred people to promote Tuesday Crossroads. I want nice envelopes, paper with a groovy letterhead, and an enclosed flier of what's coming up.

This service is for students and the student-at-heart. So it is really open to anyone who wants to come and I hope it will attract a whole range of ages of people who are alternative minded and deep-thinking. But I especially want it to keep a student demographic.

So I want this letter to be targeted especially to a 17 year old emo kid, while not being completely offputting to whoever else may end up reading it. Can you help me edit it please?

Dear reader,

I want to introduce you to 'Toilet Block Tuesdays', a church which got its nickname from the shape of the little community hall where we meet.

We are convinced that there is no unanswerable objection to the Christian faith and no single cultural expression of the Christian faith. There are actually strong reasons why all people should follow Jesus Christ.

So many people have dismissed Christianity with only a basic and inaccurate grasp of the issues - drawn from half-remembered snippets of studies in religion classes and Dan Brown novels. Sadly, others have had such lousy encounters of Christians that they have not been able to really see what the church should be like.

That's why we meet every Tuesday night from 7:30pm, to teach and live the Christian faith in a real way. We run stuff in a simple, lo-fi way. We are open to questions and criticisms, so you don't need to worry about offending or disagreeing with us. And we assume that many who attend will not share our beliefs, values and background.

I think you should come and join us. It will be interesting. It will be stretching. It may be confronting. And it is about the most significant issue you could ever discuss.

Enclosed is some more information about us and what we are up to. Hope to see you sometime soon.


Mikey Lynch
Crossroads Church