Five reflections on the upcoming trip to Seattle

  1. Dan says, 'We're all envious of you, but actually, noone else really wants to go. It's too scary.'
  2. Even pastors of megachurches are mere mortals. Don't get bamboozled.
  3. Col says to Nikki, 'Be careful not to hurt their feelings. Americans are very positive people. They find Australians hard to understand.'
  4. Even pastors who go to international summits are mere mortals. Don't get anxious as if the fate of Australian Christianity is in our hands.
  5. Don't try to make myself or my ministry sound more impressive than it actually is. God's glory is seen in weakness anyway.
[Bonus reflection from Stine:
6. Be sure to make frequent blog updates while overseas at supermarkets and petrol stations using their free wifi. but not Starbucks. u have 2 pay.]