It was a Tassie boy who blogged about the Talk Into Action conference first, good job Bernie.

A more thorough update can be found on Michael K's blog (report and photos).
A great day. Me, Steve and Guy went out for cheeky Maccers and wandered along some beach near the airport afterwards. That was a nice end to it all.

This is building on the work of others over the past decades, and it is capitalising on The Visit (as Andrew Heard calls it). But what makes this opportunity unique, I think is that here we have three men whose gospel hearts and gifts of leadership command great respect (Andrew Heard, Al Stewart and Steve Chong) standing up as a rallying point.

This is what, I believe, we have been lacking. The next generation's rallying point. Judging by the fact that Phillip is still regularly speaking at national AFES events and MTS Conference demonstrates what a wonderful rallying point he has been. But we have been wanting for the next generation. God-willing, these guys will be it.