Ten Stylistic Things That Make Preaching Good

  1. Alliteration and assonance.
  2. Few rhetorical questions, especially in the appeal.
  3. Quotes that are paraphrased at points rather than a paragraph read in full.
  4. Nifty little asides into historical theology, systematic theology, the pastor's personal opinions or whatever else.
  5. Biblical phraseology and citations that are not referenced.
  6. Using a full square metre with your gestures - above, below, left, right, up, down.
  7. Strong, clear linking sections between points.
  8. Fresh and vivid ways of saying familiar things.
  9. Indirect methods of application - delcaration, appeal, reasoning, exclamation, hints and tips, threat, description.
  10. A sermon that goes longer than a commercial television sitcom.