Hospitality Events: Bring a Friend to what?

We have gotten a little bit creative with our hospitality (aka 'pre-evangelism') events. It's not necessarily appealing to be invited to a BBQ with a bunch of Christians you don't know. It's also pretty easy to forget to ask any non-Christian friends along to just-a-BBQ.

Giving our hospitality events a bit more razzamatazz has made them fun and also more exciting to invite people to. Some recent examples:

  • Night walk up the Cascades walking track
  • Brunch along with short talk/practical on the ABC of car maintenance.
  • Wii night.
  • We're also asking an SMBC mission team to prepare some kind of academic seminar on ... ancient mesopotamian love-myths or something equally esoteric so that we can run a Christian equivalent of a Compass show.
What's next? We'll see...