... But I Asked the Church What They Thought...

There are different levels of consultation and if we want to be servant leaders, growing a relationship of trust and mutual ownership with our church, we need some skill in deciding which type is best. Otherwise we may defensively claim that we "consulted the church" when the church feels they weren't listened to, or we thought we "took the time to hear people out" when what the church needed was clear direction.

Some types of consultation:

  1. Collaboration: The church is actively involved in the entire planning process and the leaders share the decision making.
  2. Participation: The church is asked to share they ideas and criticisms at each step of planning. The leaders facilitate involvement, but the final decisions rest with them.
  3. Involvement: At certain points in the planning process the church is asked to give their thoughts. The leaders lead the process and use the input to inform their decisions.
  4. Reaction: The church is asked to give their feedback after the decisions have been made or are about to be made. The leaders direct this process and the input affects the final decision.