Ephesians 5:15-21 - why mention wine?

Why mention getting drunk?

  1. It is a sin the Ephesians are particularly struggling with. Perhaps especially because of sexual immorality too. After all sexual immorality is mentioned a lot in preceding verses, and marriage gets the biggest plug of all the issues in the subsequent section.
  2. It is a sin that Christians generally struggle with and shoudl be mentioned.
  3. Alcohol has a pervasive influence on behaviour. The influence that leads to selfish lack of control is contrasted with the Holy Spirit's influence that leads to selflessnes and self control.
  4. These verses particularly have the church gathering in view (see for example the references to singing). In the context of a meal, drunkenness should not be the outcome, but spiritual service in love (see 1Cor 11). I like the idea that this is part of the vibe in this verse.