Mirrors 5th April 2013

  1. Dealing with depression: what do you do “when the black dog howls”? And what is bad advice?

  2. Will Briggs from St David’s Cathedral, Hobart, reviews the Griffith Review edition on Tasmania.

  3. A stimulating interview with Phillip Jensen on the life, times and ministry of John Chapman. A great read to help grasp how much history, upbringing and personality shape us.

  4. Al shares the great success of the St John’s Presbyterian Church Harvest Market. 7 people came to church the next day whom they met through the market :-)

  5. Thabiti Anyabwile has been reviewing and reflecting on Doug Wilson’s kind-of—pro-American-slavery-sort-of-ish book Black and Tan. I subscribed to Thabiti’s blog because I am often provoked by his thorough explorations of racial issues from an evangelical perspective. This series is well worth reading. It’s also a reminder that every Christian leader has the strange spots and blind spots. Doug Wilson can do such a great job debating Christopher Hitchens… and then publish a book like this. Here’s Thabiti’s round-up of the blog conversation.

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